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Chief Marketing Officer
Cost Savings Wizard

Is a Fractional CMO right for you?

How Much Will You Save? 

To better understand how a Fractional CMO can benefit your business and align with your budget, try our simple 'CMO Cost Savings Wizard'.

Understanding the Cost Difference

If you're considering hiring a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for your business, it's crucial to grasp the significant cost disparity between a full-time employed CMO and a Fractional (part-time) CMO.

The Value of a Traditional CMO

Using Sacramento, California, as an example,'s 2024 data indicates that the total annual cost for a full-time CMO is approximately:

  • Annual salary: $356,786

  • Bonus: $183,676

  • Benefits: $123,521,

Total: $663,983


The Value of a Fractional CMO

In contrast, a Fractional CMO typically works around 10 hours per week after the initial audit.

  • Hourly rate: $200-$300.

  • No benefits or bonuses associated with hiring a Fractional CMO, unless you negotiate a percentage of revenue.

  • Annual cost: $95,260 (approximately) over 11 months, factoring in vacation and sick time.

Significant Cost Savings

The total savings between hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer and opting for a Fractional CMO amount to $568,723.

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