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Who I Work With

Guiding Holistic Wellness and Personal & Professional Development Brands to Success Since 2003

Specializing in Values-Driven Marketing Strategies to Achieve Sustainable Growth

I help women-led brands in holistic wellness as well as personal and professional development escape overwhelm and achieve sustainable growth with my proven, values-driven marketing strategies in just 90 days. My tailored approach is designed to support businesses such as:

Personal & Professional Development: From leadership coaches and career mentors to business consultants, my strategies empower women-led brands in the personal and professional development sectors to thrive. These businesses are committed to empowering individuals and organizations through coaching, workshops, online courses, and retreats, focusing on emotional well-being, physical health, and personal and business empowerment.

Corporate Health & Wellness: Partnering with corporate health and wellness entities, I provide dynamic leadership and strategic marketing services as a fractional CMO. Whether it's developing marketing strategies to enhance employee wellness programs or assisting a national organic skincare product line in attracting clients, I help organizations optimize their marketing efforts to thrive in the health and wellness industry.

Nonprofit Health & Wellness: As a fractional CMO for nonprofits, I specialize in navigating limited resources, crafting mission-driven marketing strategies, and measuring social impact to maximize community engagement and drive meaningful change. Additionally, I help streamline processes, create standard operating procedures, and identify needed staff, ensuring organizations operate efficiently and effectively while achieving their mission.


With a focus on organizations with 5-50 employees and gross revenues ranging from $1 to $25 million, my approach is tailored to help my clients reach their full potential and achieve sustainable success.

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Personal & Professional Development

I empower women-led brands in personal and professional development, from leadership coaches to fitness trainers and authors. Through strategic marketing and dynamic leadership, I help these businesses enhance their brand presence, boost revenue, and achieve their goals. These enterprises focus on growth and well-being through coaching, workshops, online courses, and retreats.

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Corporate Health & Wellness

Partnering with corporate health and wellness entities, I've delivered strategic marketing services to global vision care organizations, food industry leaders, and national skincare product lines, driving impactful brand elevation and revenue amplification.

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Nonprofit Health & Wellness

As a breast cancer survivor, I'm passionate about helping those in need. I've taken this passion and commitment to assist various nonprofit health and wellness organizations in achieving transformative impact through leadership and strategic marketing expertise. From cancer support groups and medical societies to water safety advocacy initiatives, my guidance has advanced their missions and amplified their reach.

Women-Led Organizations I've Worked With

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Malala Yousafzai

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and
Co-founder of the Malala Fund

"Service is the heart of any community, and by serving others, we build a stronger, more compassionate world."

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